Customer Reviews

I love all of Linda's salsa, especially the black bean and corn. I eat her salsa on almost everything, including her HOMEMADE chips. Then if you want a real treat, her pies are absolutely delicious. They are full of fruit, not filling. Can't wait till Friday so I can get another pie.

— C. Davis

Oh my goodness your pies are so good and your salsa is amazing. Very high quality. We love going to the farmers market and buying from you. My son appreciates what you did for him thank you. You are a sweetheart thank you we will be back next weekend

— M. Brooks

Saw this on the shelf at the Silvis Hy-Vee and decided to give the medium a try... good stuff! Can't wait to try the other flavors and the chips!

— M. Dau

Best salsa I have ever had...hands down. I can't bring myself to buy any other salsa now because hers is so fresh tasting and perfectly blended.

— S. Dehner

More frequently than I would like to admit, dinner in this house involves a full jar of salsa and homemade chips. Amazing!

— J. Berry

Well it sure top most salsa that my family has ever tried..can't keep Enough in the House My Son Eats it Up..

— D. Mitchell

This hand crafted salsa is the best! I just ate half a jar with her awesome homemade chips. I'm thinking about finishing off the rest and going to buy more!

— K. Foster

This woman they call Linda most certainly must not abide in this mortal realm. This glorious concoction that she so very modestly calls "salsa" is quite possibly the best combination of tomatoes, onion, garlic and pure ecstasy that I have ever tasted. After tasting this heavenly blend all other salsa's will be shown for the vile piles of chopped vegetable refuse they are. Both a blessing and a curse upon mankind, trying this salsa will become a formative event in your life.

— F. Wayne

Absolutely delicious! It's restaurant quality in my own home, I don't even have to get dressed and deal with crowded restaurants! Love it!

— W. Pence